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The UPC Movement Academy has been designed to give young athletes the greatest opportunity to help develop a basic skill set in movement.

The 45 – 60 minute sessions are designed to teach and develop the basic skills and movement patterns required to participate in any form of sport and everyday life. Not only will these movement sessions help develop the fundamentals of the junior athlete at an early stage but it will also help the athlete develop more complex movement skills in the future which long term will be an asset to their progress in strength and conditioning for their sport.

If you think your child needs this programme alongside his/her chosen sport then contact us now.

  • Youth – Ages 8-11 years old

    We find this is a great time for the children to learn. They are like sponges, the earlier we start building the foundations, the more complete the athlete will be long term. Although we find by this age computer games and lots of sitting have already started to reduce movement capabilities, the junior athlete at this age have still retained some of the movement capabilities they should have. This means we can still focus on ingraining new movement patterns without working on reduced options due to poor movement patterns like we do with older children.

    The sessions will therefore build the athleticism and basic movements that athletes of this age should have.

    The environment will of course be a successful environment due to the foundations that will be created but it will never be substituted for fun. The athletes should leave; having accomplished new achievements every time they attend with a smile on their face.

    So if your child needs to look at a fun environment to reduce the risk of injury, improve performance, and therefore a long-term enjoyment of sports participation then contact us now.

  • Skill Application 12 – 14+ years Old

    Junior athletes by this stage will have discovered the basic movements and are ready to start developing this further for their chosen sport.

    As the fundamentals of the athlete are now engrained we can start to work more towards more skill application in their conditioning. The repetition of the movement and the increase in skill level leads to further permanent change in a positive environment.

    Not only will we see improvements in their potential for strength and power but as they age and body height, weight and more starts to change and develop we continue to reduce the risk of injury with joint structure strengthening and muscular development.

  • Performance Based Training (15 years +)

    These athletes will now have the movement fundamentals engrained and a decent level of speed, strength and more.

    We will therefore fine tune the technique and jigsaw the last missing pieces of the athlete together. The athlete training will start to become even more specific to their needs and capabilities while working around their ever increasing sport specific engagements.

    At this level we are trying to create mastery in the movements and with the mental attitude like no other athlete, so competing in game situations becomes effortless.

    We will see some great training outcomes with this bunch of athletes.

Often we are told or think that specialising in a sport at a young age is important to be the best you can be at that sport. Of course we know that it’s important to practice the technical element of the chosen sport to improve results and ultimately be good at that sport. However recently there is growing information supporting the importance of a strength and conditioning programme or at least the importance of movement fundamentals for the younger athlete.

The UPC Movement Academy is a fitness programme for children like no other in the area. The framework of the programme is cutting edge and designed to deliver not just physical literacy around movement but is ultimately a strength and conditioning programme to prevent injuries aswell as improving your child’s sports performance with movement.

The model will not stand still, it will evolve and move forward with sport and performance and so will your child.

– Gavin Cogdon (Coach)

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