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We have had many enquiries regarding athletes wanting specific nutrition plans with recipes and more.

Now while we can put together 6 week recipe plans we know they don’t work long term. We therefore offer the following programmes for a range of different clients.

  • Athlete Specific Considerations

    Athlete Specific Considerations

    If you struggle with knowing where you’re going wrong in your diet and how to improve you then the email support programme is for you. We want you do be the best athlete you can be and nutrition is vital.

    You will complete an extensive questionnaire to collect as much data on your current likes / dislikes / training levels and more. From the data collected you will get a set of considerations that you can work on to improve your performance and health.

  • Prices start from £45 a month

    Prices start from £45 a month

    Online Long Term Weight loss – Have you tried other programmes where you weigh yourself weekly? Have you battled with your weight for many years? Do you struggle to implement change? We fully believe that long term change will only happen if you facilitate the change that you want to see in yourself. If you have battled with your weight for many years and are ready to invest in your health for long term change then this is the programme for you.

  • 6 Week Nutrition Plan

    6 Week Nutrition Plan

    Are you trying to get fit for a wedding or maybe a special event coming up. While we want everyone to understand we only believe in long term change, we also understand some people need a kick start to healthy eating to start them on a more long term journey. You will receive a 6 week plan that is specific to you and your dietary needs. The plan will consist of 3 weeks of recipes that you rotate over 6 weeks to increase your chance of success.

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