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To be an elite athlete your training needs to be of an elite standard. You must earn the right to perform at the very highest level and leave nothing to chance.


Athlete Specific

We therefore understand the importance of gaining that extra percentage over competitors. Our coaches at UPC pride themselves on improving your performance and preparing you for all aspects of competition.

Being prepared both physically and mentally will give you a competitive edge as well as give you a longer career.

The UPC programming designed for athletes focuses on developing the individual to go on and perform to the highest possible standard. We therefore focus on sport and athlete specific drills while generally building the blocks for strength, speed, power, and endurance depending upon the chosen sport.

Injury prevention is a major focus for our coaches when developing athletes. We understand the importance of injury prevention, while the above is essential to performance. we look also to create greater mobility and flexibility to decrease the injury risk for all athletes.

So if you’re looking to improve performance and decrease your risk of injury then you might want to look at the individualised training programme based around your lifestyle, goals and demands of your sport.

  • Ankle Mobility / Stability Work

    A video to show some of the work we would do to help an athlete with a ankle ligament injury. This video is football specific and regarding Dillon Morse of South Shields FC 2017.

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